Sabbath School

Sabbath School


Our dedicated teachers help make the Bible come alive while giving your children inspiration and instruction to follow Jesus. Children’s classes are available for all ages from newborn through youth.


At Yuba City SDA Church, we have several adult Sabbath School classes so you can find the one that most meets your interests. Some classes base their study on a published guide  ( itunes / android) or quarterly that unites us on the same topic as every other SDA church in the world!  Other classes study in depth particular books of the Bible.

Escuela Sabática para Adultos

We also have an adult Spanish speaking Sabbath School class for the Spanish-speaking population and all those who would like to learn Spanish.



The man who walks as Christ walks will not necessarily walk as the leading religious teachers of the day walk. Christ did not; for it was the Pharisees who found fault with Him. Christ did not conform His life to their ideas. He told them what the Scripture said, and told them that He was walking in accordance to that word. And to-day let that word settle every controversy. W.W. Prescott